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Press release

Since Gabana Club opened its doors, we have behaved as a great family,proud to have the most qualified professionals in the entertainment at night. Maitres, doormen, hostelry staff,  programmers of live actions and events, comunication department, community managers and social media, audiovisual technicians (sound and video), public relations, gogos …
All our equipment shares the same philosophy: to satisfy or meet the requirements and needs of the most exclusive clients considering the nearness and discretion the best allies and values to make them enjoy our nights. Definitively, our intention is to make your visit to the club unforgettable.

gabana reservados


Gabana is designed to become the place that each client needs: reserve bottles at the V.I.P. tables, or simply have a drink, dancing, hold a concert, a fashion show, a corporate event... 

The combined use of light, color and curves makes this space constantly changing.


The club has several reserved areas equipped with their own toilets inside. The professionals in charge of this places perfectly know the catalogue of premium bottles, such us Magnum, Jeroboam, Mathusalem, and a long etc, which form one of the most extensive warehouse in Europe.

In Gabana Club you will be able to find some of the most inaccessible drinks of the market. Authentic jewels for the palate

Gabana bebidas premium


Designed to be a witness of honor at the most exclusive events.
Our exquisite decoration, the disposition of its V.I.P. areas, the most personalized attention or the versatility are some of the reasons for why different multinational companies have decided to trust us their more relevant events.

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