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The legend
is back.

Discover the legend reborn: Gabana, the legendary nightclub proclaimed as one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the world, reopens its doors in a new location. Get ready for a unique experience that redefines nightlife.

The experience

Immerse yourself in an exclusive club designed for unforgettable experiences. At Gabana, the night comes alive with an ambience that fuses luxury, vibrant music and the unmistakable spirit of high society. Be part of something extraordinary.
Get ready for a new era of sophistication in the heart of Madrid. Gabana is back to make its mark on the nightlife scene, where every moment becomes a chapter of your own legend. Are you ready to live the Gabana experience?

Where luxury meets

Gabana, the epitome of elegance, returns to fuse luxury with history. Discover the new jewel of Madrid's nightlife, where every night becomes a lasting legacy.


Explore the rebirth of glamour at the iconic Gabana nightclub. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury, music and exquisite sophistication. The resurrection of elegance awaits your presence.
Will you join the renaissance?